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Choosing a pressure washing contractor is not easy, as there are so many of them available on the market and each one has a different thing to offer. If you want to hire one to clean up the exterior of your house or office, then you should always search for a professional who has the knowledge and experience to carry out the so-called ‘pressure washing’ task. Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial tips for hiring a pressure washing contractor.

  1. The first thing that you should notice in the contractor is whether he/she is licensed to do the job or not. If he/she is not licensed, then don’t put your property and your well-being into jeopardy by hiring that contractor, even if he/she is ready to reduce the fee. The contractor must be knowledgeable about various techniques that are involved in pressure cleaning such as even strokes, wide spray patterns, and other similar strategies.

2. The next thing that you need to check is whether the contractor is insured or not. He/she must have an insurance cover because, in this line of work, accidents are just one wrong step away. Therefore, a proper insurance cover will protect the contractor and his/her family in case a severe accident happens at work. 

3. You should also ask and contact the references of the professional. Ask the references about the work ethics of the professional, level of professionalism, time taken to complete the task and other features. This will help you get a decent idea regarding the working of the contractor.

4. You should discuss the entire job with the contractor beforehand in order to avoid any confrontations later. You should discuss the areas that need to be cleaned, how much is the price and how much time will the entire job take. This will make things a lot easier for you as well as for the contractor.

5. When evaluating a pressure washing company, it is imperative for you to check as to what type of equipment they use. They should have a powerful washing machine having at least 3000 PSI of power along with the HP rating between 11 and 15. As far as GPM (Gallons Per Minute) is concerned, then it should be no less than 3. If any company using less powerful equipment, then that’s not a professional company in my eyes.

6. You should be provided with all the details as to what techniques the professionals will be using to clean up the floors, roofs, gutters and other areas of the property that you want clean. They will also tell you if they offer any complimentary services or any discounts that you can avail by opting for multiple services.

7. Before hiring a pressure wash company, make sure to check the contract as to whether everything has been written in it or not. Things like pricing details and insurance coverage must be mentioned in the contract.

That was all about the tips for hiring a pressure-washing contractor. These tips will definitely put you in a better situation to hire the best contractor for getting your property cleaned in a comprehensive manner.