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Floor cover is a prolonged investment, which is why it must be maintained properly rather than washed with synthetic and powerful chemicals every so often. Providing a proper base to the carpet will help in protecting it for a long time. Apart from this, cleaning with gentle detergents not only removes the dust but also helps in keeping it in the best condition with a pleasant odor.

Some prefer daily vacuuming of carpet with the intention to remove the build-up of dust on the carpet fiber and to keep it well maintained.

Common carpet cleaning: Before cleaning the carpet with any cleaning agent, you must take into account the types of stains that are on the carpet as well as the material of the carpet to confirm if the company recommends cleaning with such chemicals or not.

If a carpet is dirty or has locked-in dust, then you can go with powdered stain remover. You can sprinkle the powder on the carpet and rinse it off with water. Stains from liquids can be cleaned through liquid-based remover.

The most recommended carpet cleaning technique used these days is Steam cleaning which doesn’t damage the fiber of carpet at all. In the steam cleaning the dirt is pulled from the surface and removed before it leaves any stain. The process involves formulated liquid, which turns to steam through the machine or vacuum cleaner.  You will find a number of non-toxic products available in the market for steam cleaning of the rug.

Steam cleaning is best for deep cleaning of carpet and is economical too. The overall result of cleaning depends on the steam vacuum cleaner.

Spot removal: In this method, the stain or spill is immediately removed before getting it permanent. Great care should be taken while using the chemicals or spot removal techniques; otherwise, it may result in further damage to the carpet. You can start spot cleaning with water and blotting cloth. If it doesn’t remove the stain, you can go for stronger chemicals then.

Spot removal products consist of harmful chemicals so a person must be clothed in proper eye-protective glasses and gloves. Ventilation is another thing required during the removal of stain in order to let the bad odor go out. For this, you can open the doors and windows of your house or apartment.

Once cleaned, keep on checking the carpet after a fixed interval of time so that it looks like a new. You can vacuum cleaning and avoid taking meals while sitting on the carpet. Do clean the spills or stains immediately after it happens.